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1. How much does a birth session cost?

$900 A $300 down payment is required which is reduced from balance. You may pay in full or in payments pre or post birth with proper arrangements made with me ahead of time .Price may vary by location or other circumstances .I will always be happy to provide you the most up to date pricing information if you request it.

2. Why have a birth photographer and why me?

Being pregnant regardless if it's your first or consecutive birth makes you have a unique connection with your baby that makes you feel like your heart is racing and draws on an emotional attachment that is different then anything you have ever felt. This baby is growing INSIDE of you, it is an amazing gift . So why not capture and preserve it? Mom's have honestly said to me that they were grateful for these images because they were so exhausted after birth that they do not even remember holding their baby the first time, but it was captured beautifully so that moment can be brought to life again and again. It shows how beautiful this gift of life is and makes you the mom feel empowered in the amazing strength you have. Dad- your heart will change when mom gives it her all to deliver your baby, you will feel the connection at that moment that will bring you into the birth like you could never imagine and your face and emotions will display your overwhelming feelings. The moment that you hold your child for the first time will be joyous , and that is why it deserves to be captured. Why me? I have been a photographer for the past 7 years. Most of my work has been in wedding and family portraiture. I have built a large volume of images that I am so proud of and let's me know that I have learned so much, developed my skills, and understand the art of photography intimately. My own 3 children are young and I have been their Dad for the past 8 years which has taught me so much about how to care for a baby. Along with photography I have continued to actively practice as a nurse at Reid Health for the past 10 years. I am confident in a medical setting and understand the process that is happening. This allows me to be your photographer and provide answers when questions arise through the day about your baby and birth. Dad's- I know the idea of having a male present for your wife's birth can be an uncomfortable thought, but know that it is only a thought, because the reality is quite different. At no time during my past births has there ever been an uncomfortable moment with me being in the room. We talk, we laugh , and we wait , and when things get more active I become a fly on the wall. Honestly ,most people don't even know I am there. We are there to capture all the moments, all the emotion, and bring you a set of images that recreate everything you have CREATED together and we do that with respect, modesty, and professionalism.

3. When is a good time to contact you and book our birth session?

Births are unpredictable for the most part so we will never have a concrete date. As soon as you know you want a birth photographer is the best time to contact me. You can make contact as soon as you know you are pregnant or as soon as you decide to have me, either way , the sooner the better.

4. How far do you travel?

I have no real travel limits at this point. I consider my safe travel area to be about 45 minute radius of Arcanum ,OH which includes all of Dayton, OH. I will go much further but this could decrease my success rate of arriving on time.

5. What happens if the birth is missed?

Please know I try very hard to be there and for the most part plan our lives around your due date. However if you go early and I do not make it for the brith I will still be there to cover everything else that is happening after the birth and you shall receive a comparative number of images made for you. If I can not come to anything at all - this results in a full refund of all payments made for the birth session.

6. What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Home birth is easy as no one is providing you with a gown, however in the hospital they typically do - you can wear it if you wish or we would recommend putting on something like a bra, tank top, halter top, or something else that covers your breast but not the rest of you as this will result in a more appealing image. Birth is raw so if you want to go at it in your birthday suite that is ok too. C-Sections really do not have a option so this would not pertain to that situation.

7. How many images will I receive in the end and how will I receive them?

Every birth is different and the amount of time before and during the labor varies. On average you will be provided with about 150-200 images via our secure online website and via Flashdrive.

8. When and how should we contact you when I am in labor?

Communication is the key to success. For the most part I do not mind getting text messages when things are starting up and it is the middle of the day, but I require a phone call anytime you are heading to the hospital because you feel you are in labor, after triage to let me know if they are keeping you or sending you home, then after each vaginal check. Depending on your progress from those updates I will make a plan when to head your way. Typically I want to head to you at about 5cm of dilation. If you are a home birth and not having vaginal checks then we just play that as best as possible to make a good timeframe determination.

9. How do I know if I am allowed to have a birth photographer?

At this point I have worked in multiple hospitals to include Reid Health, Wayne Healthcare, Miami Valley Hospital, Upper Valley Medical Center, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, Soin Medical Center, Southview Medical Center, Wilson Medical Center, Kettering Hospital,  and Good Samaritan- Cincinnati and have not had any problems photographing up to this point. My c-sections have been at Reid and I have no experience currently at other hospitals . I do feel it is important to let your physician know during office visits that you have a birth photographer as part of your birth plan and they will be present during the delivery.

10. What if you are there and my delivery turns into a c-section?

I simply have to ask at that time and get a yes or a no. If I can not enter the OR then I ask to go to the recovery room so I am there photographing directly after the delivery and this is a pretty good alternative, otherwise I will be there to photograph once you are back in the room.

11. Will my images be put on social media or your website?

It is important to me that I am posting images to the internet as this is an important avenue for us to humanize the process of birth and for me to build new clients. I always post with modesty and if I am posting something that I feel may be questionable I always ask you first. If you would prefer to not have any images posted anywhere we will certainly honor that as well. This will be part of our contract discussion during the booking.

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