Christmas Mini Session 2020

Christmas portraits sessions are LIVE

Sessions are $150 

Included: My custom built set - it is not in my house - it is in my shop which is heated

Up to 30 mins of shooting time. Unlimited amount of portraits taken in the timeframe

Online gallery of images made available - you choose 20 logo free images to use as you wish

Purchase the remaining photos if you want - options for single portrait, 5, 10, or the full gallery

Set is for adults and kids - so families are encouraged and welcome

This is for immediate family only - no extended family in single session

Set is located in Arcanum, OH 

COVID 19 - I will sanitize the set props between sessions, (books and toys)  I will happily wear a mask if you would like - just let me know when booking and I will ensure it is on when you arrive.

Availability - I have weekends set as November 8, 14, 15 - I will add more if needed for November and December. I am also available through the week - please just let me know what works best for you. 

The set uses 100% studio lighting ; the set will look the same day or night.

Call or Text me at 937-459-6859 if texting please tell me your name

Email -

Message through Facebook or IG. Facebook @birthsbytim or Timothy Clopp , IG - @tncphoto

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