Maternity - Tim Clopp

You have felt and watched your body change for 8 months. Part of you is ready for your baby to be born so you can touch, smell, and soak in this precious baby that you have created. The female body is extraordinary, it can create, nurture, and prepare a human life for delivery, it is nothing short of a miracle. Phases of pregnancy make you think differently about your body and what is happening but there is so much beauty in the changes in your body that even if you don't feel it now, you will later. Having beautiful portraits of this point in your life is for you to look back on later and say look that is when you were in mommy's belly, your child will find that amazing and so will you when you recall how you felt every time you looked down or placed your hand or your belly to fell them moving inside of you. 

Maternity sessions are $200. We provide a discount on maternity's when they are booked in conjunction with birth photography.

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